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скачать  Duke mathematical journal Manin Y. I. 8.37 МБ
скачать  Dynamical systems. Differential equations maps and chaotic behaviour Arrowsmith D.K., Place C.M. 5.42 МБ
скачать  Eigenspaces of Graphs Cvetkovic D., Rowlinson P., Simic S. 2.29 МБ
скачать  Elementary Numerical Analysis (an algorithmic approach), third edition S.D. Conte, C.de Boor 3.04 МБ
скачать  Equations de Pfaff algebriques Jouanolou J.P. 4.33 МБ
скачать  Equivalence, invariance, and symmetry Olver P.J. 3.97 МБ
скачать  Exponential sums and differential equations Katz N.M. 3.74 МБ
скачать  Feynman lectures of computation Feynman R. P. 3.19 МБ
скачать  First order algebraic ODE, differential algebraic approach Matsuda M. 621.7 КБ
скачать  Formal power series, systems of meromorphic ODEs Balser W. 3.32 МБ
скачать  Functional Analysis and Semi-Groups Hille E., Phillips R. 16.89 МБ
скачать  Fundamentals of Numerical Computing L.F. Shampine, R.C. Allen, S.Pruess 2.14 МБ
скачать  Galois Theory of Linear Differential Equations Marius van der Put, Michael F. Singer 1.96 МБ
скачать  Generalized hypergeometric functions Dwork B. 1.25 МБ
скачать  Generalized hypergeometric series Bayley M.A. 1.30 МБ
скачать  Generalized Solutions of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations Rosinger E.E. 1.83 МБ
скачать  Geometric algorithms and combinatorial optimization Groetschel M., Lovacz L., Schrijver A. 4.39 МБ
скачать  Geometric Asymptotics Guillemin V., Sternberg Sh. 4.48 МБ
скачать  Geometry and topology of 3-manifolds Thurston W. P. 7.55 МБ
скачать  Geometry of algebraic curves Arbarello E., Cornalba M., Griffiths P. A., Harris J. 4.75 МБ
скачать  Groebner bases and commutative algebra Becker T., Weispfenning V. 6.97 МБ
скачать  Handbook of algebra Hazewinkel M. 11.89 МБ
скачать  Handbook of convex geometry (Vol. A) Gruber P. M., Wills J. M. 1.82 МБ
скачать  Handbook of convex geometry (Vol. B) Gruber P. M., Wills J. M. 3.26 МБ
скачать  Handbook of Mathematic with Tables M.R. Spiegel 5.08 МБ
скачать  Heat Kernels and Dirac Operators N. Berline, E. Getzler, M. Vergne 2.71 МБ
скачать  Highest-weight representations of infinite-dimensional Lie algebras Kac V. J., Raina A. K. 971.2 КБ
скачать  Homeomorphisms in Analysis Goffman C., Nishiura T., Waterman D. 1.35 МБ
скачать  Hypergeometric functions Levelt A.H.M. 428.7 КБ
скачать  Hypergeometric summation Koepf W. 2.48 МБ
скачать  Implicitization of rational parametric surfaces Fix G. et al. 55.6 КБ
скачать  Incline algebra and applications Cao Z., Kim K., Roush F. 1.42 МБ
скачать  Integration in finite terms, Liouville theory of elementary methods Ritt J.F. 2.43 МБ
скачать  Integration of transcendental functions Bronstein M. 3.29 МБ
скачать  Intersection homology and perverse sheaves MacPherson R. 1.39 МБ
скачать  Introduction to Complex Analysis R. Nevanlinna, V. Paatero 2.62 МБ
скачать  Introduction to finite mathematics Kemeny J., Snell J., Thompson G. 4.70 МБ
скачать  Introduction to G-functions Dwork B., Gerotto G., Sullivan F. 3.98 МБ
скачать  Introduction to Lie groups and symplectic geometry Bryant R. L. 714.7 КБ
скачать  Introduction to Numerical Analysis J. Stoer, R. Bulirsch 5.37 МБ
скачать  Introduction to tensor calculus and continuum mechanics J.H. Heinbockel 1.41 МБ
скачать  Invitation to dynamical systems Scheinerman E.R. 3.77 МБ
скачать  Isoperimetric inequalities Chavel I. 2.09 МБ
скачать  Korteweg-de Vries and nonlinear Schroedinger equation Zhidkov P.E. 1.59 МБ
скачать  Lecture notes in mathematics: "Classical" algebraic K-theory, and connections with arithmetic Dold A., Eckmann B. 3.57 МБ
скачать  Lecture notes in mathematics: Algebraic K-theory Dold A., Eckmann B. 2.95 МБ
скачать  Lecture notes in mathematics: Higher K-theories Dold A., Eckmann B. 2.94 МБ
скачать  Lectures on Arakelov geometry Soule C. 1.27 МБ
скачать  Lectures on Matrices Wedderburn J.H.M. 1.35 МБ
скачать  Lectures on moduli of curves Gieseker D. 557.9 КБ
скачать  Lectures on vector bundles Le Potier 1.52 МБ
скачать  Linear differential equations and group theory from riemann to poincare Gray J. J. 3.99 МБ
скачать  Linear differential equations in the complex domain: Problems of analytic continuation Sibuya Y. 2.33 МБ
скачать  Matched asymptotic expansions and singular perturbations Eckhaus W. 716.0 КБ
скачать  Material Inhomogeneities in Elasticity Maugin G.A. 3.24 МБ
скачать  Mathematical Logic Ebbinghaus H.-D., Flum J., Thomas W. 1.51 МБ
скачать  Mathematical Problems and Proofs Kisacanin B. 1.27 МБ
скачать  Mathematics Formulary J.C.A. Wevers 237.5 КБ
скачать  Matrices and their roots, a textbook of matrix algebra Heesterman A.R.G. 3.21 МБ
скачать  Matrix groups, an introduction to Lie group theory Baker A. 3.31 МБ