C# and the NET Platform, Second Edition - Andrew Troelsen

Название: C# and the NET Platform, Second Edition
Автор: Andrew Troelsen
Категория: Программирование
Тип: Книга
Дата: 31.03.2009 19:03:22
Скачано: 200
Описание: Completing the second edition of C# and the .NET Platform would have been completely impossible without the assistance and talent offered by numerous individuals. First of all, many thanks to my copy editors, Anne Friedman and Ami Knox. Both of you, as always, did an outstanding job massaging my raw manuscript into a polished product. (See you both on the nextbook?) Next, I must thank the numerous technical reviewers who took the time to read these chapters for any coding faux pas: Gregory A. Beamer, Gary Cornell, Eric Gunnerson, Joe Nalewabau, Kent Sharkey, Nick Symmonds, and Pradeep Tapadiya. Special thanks to Beth Christmas, Ron Strauss, Susan Glinert Stevens, and Liz Berry, whose combined efforts formatted, indexed, and finalized this text to completion. Of course, any remaining errors (spelling, coding, or otherwise) that may have snuck into this book are my sole responsibility. I also must say a huge thanks to all of those at Apress who have made a publishing company that is a pleasure to work with. Thanks to Hollie Fisher (for many things), Doris Wong (for many more things), and Grace Wong, my chaka friend, for not totally blasting me into pieces when I abused the phrase "I'll get it to you today" one too many times. Thanks to my friends and family who (once again) tolerated my lack of time and sometimes grumpy demeanor. More thanks to my friends at Intertech-Inc. (not Tom Salonek, who I still don't like much). Your support (directly and indirectly) is greatly appreciated. Finally, thanks to my wife Mandy and "all the kids" for their love and encouragement.
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