Applied Java™ Patterns - Stephen Stelting, Olav Maassen

Название: Applied Java™ Patterns
Автор: Stephen Stelting, Olav Maassen
Категория: Программирование
Тип: Книга
Дата: 31.03.2009 18:39:07
Скачано: 245
Описание: Increasingly, developers are recognizing the value of design patterns in helping to create more robust, scalable, reliable, and maintainable applications. Now there’s a book that can help you bring the power of patterns to your Java-based projects. Sun Microsystems experts Steve Stelting and Olav Maassen bring together today’s best pattern-based techniques and demonstrate pattern use for a variety of business systems. This practical guide features proven techniques for all types of patterns, from system architecture to single classes. After briefly reviewing the fundamentals of design patterns, the authors describe how these patterns can be applied effectively to the Java platform. Next, they provide a pattern catalog, organized into four major categories—the creational, behavioral, structural, and system patterns. In addition, they identify patterns and present techniques for pattern use in the core Java APIs as well as the APIs for distributed development. Applied Java Patterns also features a section on pattern use in systems built with J2EE and JINI technologies, and coverage of the servlet, JSP, EJB, and JavaSpaces APIs. Without a doubt, this accessible and up-to-date guide can help you enhance your Java platform programming skills.
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