Topology Without Tears - Morris S. A.

Название: Topology Without Tears
Автор: Morris S. A.
Категория: Математика
Тип: Книга
Дата: 05.01.2009 13:38:04
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Описание: Topology is an important and interesting area of mathematics, the study of which will not only introduce you to new concepts and theorems but also put into context old ones like continuous functions. However, to say just this is to understate the significance of topology. It is so fundamental that its influence is evident in almost every other branch of mathematics. This makes the study of topology relevant to all who aspire to be mathematicians whether their first love is (or will be) algebra, analysis, category theory, chaos, continuum mechanics, dynamics, geometry, industrial mathematics, mathematical biology, mathematical economics, mathematical finance, mathematical modelling, mathematical physics, mathematics of communication, number theory, numerical mathematics, operations research or statistics. (The substantial bibliography at the end of this book suffices to indicate that topology does indeed have relevance to all these areas, and more.) Topological notions like compactness, connectedness and denseness are as basic to mathematicians of today as sets and functions were to those of last century. Topology has several different branches — general topology (also known as point-set topology), algebraic topology, differential topology and topological algebra — the first, general topology, being the door to the study of the others. We aim in this book to provide a thorough grounding in general topology. Anyone who conscientiously studies about the first ten chapters and solves at least half of the exercises will certainly have such a grounding. For the reader who has not previously studied an axiomatic branch of mathematics such as abstract algebra, learning to write proofs will be a hurdle. To assist you to learn how to write proofs, quite often in the early chapters, we include an aside which does not form part of the proof but outlines the thought process which led to the proof.
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