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The Transforms and Applications Handbook (second edition) - A.D. Poularikas

Название: The Transforms and Applications Handbook (second edition)
Автор: A.D. Poularikas
Категория: Математика
Тип: Книга
Дата: 05.01.2009 13:35:05
Скачано: 80
Описание: The purpose of The Transforms and Applications Handbook, Second Edition is to include in a single volume the most important mathematical transforms frequently used by engineers and scientists. The book also was written with the advanced undergraduate and graduate students in mind. Each chapter covers one of the transforms, accompanied by a number of examples that are included to elucidate the use of the transform and its properties. Applications to different areas are included in each chapter as well. This inclusion gives readers of different backgrounds the opportunity to become familiar with the wide spectrum of applications of these transforms. We believe that having all of these useful transforms included in one book will be of great value to scientists, engineers, and students. The information is now organized into 15 chapters, each covering one of the transforms, except for Chapter 1 which enhances some topics that are treated less extensively in the other chapters. Over the past 3 years, a number of communications have been received concerning different aspects of the Handbook. All of the comments regarding typographical errors have been incorporated in the second edition. The editor and the contributors wish to thank the readers for their contributions and encouragement which prompted this second edition. In the second edition to the Handbook, we have added three new chapters: Lapped Transforms, Discrete Time and Discrete Fourier Transforms, and Fractional Fourier Transforms. In the original chapters, we have corrected typographical errors, replaced the table of Laplace transforms with another table containing a larger number of entries, the chapter on Mellin transforms was rewritten, the cosine and sine transforms were rewritten, and the Wavelet transforms were updated. The Editor would be extremely grateful if the readers forwarded their opinion about the Handbook, any errors they may detect, suggestions for new material in new editions, and material that they feel may be neglected. The reader also may consult the following references:
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