The Theory of Elastic Waves and Waveguides - Miklowitz J.

Название: The Theory of Elastic Waves and Waveguides
Автор: Miklowitz J.
Категория: Математика
Тип: Книга
Дата: 05.01.2009 13:20:53
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Описание: The primary objective of this book is to give the reader a basic understanding of waves and their propagation in a linear elastic continuum. The studies presented here, of elastodynamic theory and its application to fundamental boundary value problems, should prepare the reader to tackle many physical problems of modern general interest in engineering and geophysics, and particular interest in mechanics and seismology. The book focuses on transient wave propagation reflecting the strong interest in this topic exhibited in the literature and my research interest for the past twenty years. Chapters 5-8, and part of 2 are exclusively on transient waves, bringing to the reader a detailed physical and mathematical exposition of the fundamental boundary value problems in the subject. The approach is through the governing partial differential equations with integral transforms, integral equations and analytic function theory and applications being the tools. Transient waves in the infinite and semi-infinite medium and waveguides (rods, plates, etc.) are covered, as well as pulse diffraction problems. Chapters 3 and 4 with their extensive discussions of time harmonic waves in a half space, two half spaces in welded contact and waveguides are of interest per se. They are also important as necessary background for the later chapters. The book will also serve as a reference source for workers in the subject since many important works are involved in the presentation. Many others are cited, but I make no claim to an extensive literature search since time precluded that. In this connection my survey covers the literature through 1964 (see reference [4.4] at the end of Chapter 4). I found my way into this subject long ago and quite accidentally. In experiments with plexiglas tension specimens, preliminary ones in an investigation of dynamic stress-strain properties, a few of the specimens in these static tests broke suddenly and in a brittle manner in two places. The frontispiece p. VI) depicts this phenomenon (also for high-speed tool steel). Simple wave
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