The Raman effect - Long D.A.

Название: The Raman effect
Автор: Long D.A.
Категория: Математика
Тип: Книга
Дата: 05.01.2009 13:17:35
Скачано: 36
Описание: Raman spectroscopy is now rinding wide-ranging application in pure and applied science and the number of original papers devoted to this area of spectroscopy continues to grow. This is largely the result of significant advances in the equipment available, particularly laser excitation sources, spectrometers, detectors, signal processors and computers. It seems timely, therefore, to provide an integrated treatment of the theory underlying Raman spectroscopy. Of course there are already a number of edited books and reviews dealing with various aspects of the subject, but this book is the result of the phenomenon of Raman spectroscopy falling 'under the consideration of one man's mind' as Francis Bacon put it. My objective has been to present a unified theoretical treatment which is reasonably complete and adequately rigorous but nonetheless readable. My hope is that this will provide a sound basis for the effective use of more highly specialized review articles. As to completeness, I have had to put some restrictions on the coverage, partly because the subject is so vast and partly because of my own limitations. Therefore the treatments developed here relate mainly to scattering by a system of freely orienting, non-interacting molecules or by systems which approximate to this. As to rigour, I have endeavoured to explain in words, as far as possible, the inwardness of the mathematics and physics which are necessarily involved. I have particularly tried to avoid taking refuge behind that often overworked phrase 'as is well known'. An effective theoretical treatment demands a variety of carefully honed mathematical and physical tools. To keep the treatment in the main text uncluttered, these tools are
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