A primer of algebraic D-modules - Coutinho S.C.

Название: A primer of algebraic D-modules
Автор: Coutinho S.C.
Категория: Математика
Тип: Книга
Дата: 30.12.2008 15:21:20
Скачано: 50
Описание: As its title says, this book is only a primer; in particular, you wiU learn very little 'grammar' from it. That is not surprising; to speak the language of algebraic .D-modules fluently you must first learn some algebraic geometry and be familiar with derived categories. Both of these are beyond the bounds of an elementary textbook. But you can expect to know the answers to two basic questions by the time you finish the book: what are D-modules? and why D-modules? It is particularly easy to answer the latter, because .D-module theory has many interesting applications. Hardly any area of mathematics has been left untouched by this theory. Those that have been touched range from number theory to mathematical physics. I have tried to include some real applications, but they are not by any means the ones that have caused the greatest impact from the point of view of mathematics at large. To some, they may even seem a little eccentric. That reflects two facts. First, and most important, this is an elementary book. The most interesting applications (to singularity theory and representations of algebraic groups, for example) are way beyond the bounds of such a book. Second, among the applications that were elementary enough to be presented here, I chose the ones that I like the most. The pre-requisites have been kept to a minimum. So the book should be accessible to final year undergraduates or first year post-graduates. But I have made no effort to write a book that is 'purely algebraic'. Such a book might be possible, but it would not be true. One of the attractions of the theory of D-modules is that it sits across the traditional division of mathematics into algebra, geometry and analysis. It would be a pity to lose that. So this is a book about mathematics, and in it you will find algebras and modules, differential equations and special functions, all in easy conviviality. The introduction contains a detailed description of the pre-requisites. While writing this book I often worried about the language. I am too fond of English not to shiver at tho idoa of badly abusing it. But English
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