Gravitation and Gauge Symmetries - Blagojevic M.

Название: Gravitation and Gauge Symmetries
Автор: Blagojevic M.
Категория: Физика
Тип: Книга
Дата: 21.10.2008 21:28:25
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Описание: The idea of unified description of the basic physical interactions has evolved parallel to the development of our understanding of their dynamical structure. It has origins in Maxwell's unification of electricity and magnetism in the second half of the last century, matured in Weyl's and Kaluza's attempts to unify gravity and electromagnetism at the beginning of this century, and achieved the full development in the 70's, in the process of unification of the weak and electromagnetic, and also, to some extent, strong interactions. The biggest barrier to this attractive idea comes from a continual resistance of gravity to the unification with the other interactions, in the framework of a consistent quantum theory. In the course of the development of electromagnetic, weak and strong interactions, the concept of (internal) gauge invariance grew up and established itself as an unavoidable dynamical principle in particle physics. It is less known that the principle of equivalence, one of the basic dynamical properties of the gravitational interaction, can be also expressed as a (spacetime) gauge symmetry. This book is intended to shed light upon the connection between the intrinsic structure of gravity and the principle of gauge invariance, which may lead to a consistent unified theory. The first part of this book, chapters I-VI, gives a systematic account of the structure of gravity as a theory based on spacetime gauge symmetries. Some basic properties of space, time and gravity are reviewed in the first, introductory chapter. Chapter II deals with elements of global Poincare and conformal symmetries, which are necessary for the exposition of their localization; the structure of the corresponding gauge theories of gravity is explored in chapters III and IV. Then, in chapters V and VI, we present basic features of the Hamiltonian dynamics of Poincare gauge theory, discuss the relation between gauge symmetries and conservation laws, and introduce the concept of the gravitational energy, and other conserved quantities. The second part of the book treats the most promising attempts to build a unified field theory containing gravity, on the basis of the gauge principle. In chapters VII and VIII we discuss the possibility to construct the theory of gravity as a field theory in flat spacetime. Chapters IX, X and XI yield an exposition of the ideas of supersymmetry and supergravity, Kaluza-Klein theory and string theory — these ideas can hardly be avoided in any attempt at a unified theory of basic physical interactions.
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