Elastodynamics. Volume 1 - Eringen A.C., Suhubi E.S.

Название: Elastodynamics. Volume 1
Автор: Eringen A.C., Suhubi E.S.
Категория: Физика
Тип: Книга
Дата: 21.10.2008 20:53:29
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Описание: From the inception of the theory of elasticity with Navier (1821) and Cauchy (1828), the dynamical problems of elasticity and the subject of wave propagations in elastic solids have been under intense study by a large number of workers. In fact the literature is so extensive that any desire to write accounts on the subject immediately induces discouragement on the part of a prospective author. For it is impossible to do justice to all aspects of this wide field in any one- or two-volume treatise. Perhaps, partially, it is this concern that kept this important field barren of books for nearly two centuries. During the last two decades the research in dynamical problems has acquired even stronger emphasis. The demands for economical uses of materials in space technology, introductions of composite materials for industrial application, underground explosions, and important problems in seismology and the oil industry have stimulated intense research in finite deformation theories, propagation of shock waves in solids, diffraction theory, dynamic stress concentrations, and wave propagations in inhomogenous and anisotropic materials. Nearly all graduate studies in engineering science, mechanics, applied mathematics, and geophysics include one or more graduate courses on the subject. Yet, excluding a few special accounts (mostly out of print), at the completion of this work there was no textbook or treatise available to teach and to guide research.
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