Incentives in multi-agent systems - Dmitri Novikov

Название: Incentives in multi-agent systems
Автор: Dmitri Novikov
Категория: Экономика. Управление
Тип: Статья
Дата: 26.09.2008 21:28:07
Скачано: 33
Описание: In most of the game-theoretical models, explored in the active systems theory (Burkov and Enaleev 1994; Novikov 1995; 1997; 1998) and in the theory of contracts (Hart 1983; Mas-Colell et al. 1995), active systems, which consist of one principal and one agent, are considered. The absence of the general approaches towards the incentive problem solving in the case of multi-agent systems may be explained by the fact that efficient methods of the agents game analysis are unknown, while existing methods (Mookherjee 1984; Novikov 1997) are characterized by a very high complexity and they do not provide the researcher with the analytical solution. In this paper the method, based on the incentive function, which decomposes the game of the agents by implementing the DSE, is proposed.
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